As a homeowner, choosing the right air-conditioning system for your home can be a daunting task. It’s crucial to have a system that fits your specific needs, is energy-efficient, and provides optimal comfort all year round.

The Design & Estimation service offered by Yateem AC for residential homes is a comprehensive solution that helps homeowners determine the most efficient and cost-effective air-conditioning system for their homes. This service involves a thorough assessment of the home’s size, layout, insulation, and other relevant factors that could impact the system’s performance.

We take into account the homeowner’s preferences, budget, and any specific needs, before making recommendations for the ideal air-conditioning system. We then provide an accurate estimation of the system’s cost, including any installation and maintenance fees.


Our Installation team carries out the installation of the custom ductwork, electrical systems to support the air-conditioning system, and the air-conditioning units.

To ensure a successful installation, our team first verifies that the site is prepared for installation, including any necessary electrical or structural work. They will also ensure that the system is properly balanced and calibrated to ensure optimal performance.

Once the installation is complete, our team carries out a series of tests to ensure that the system is operating as expected. Our professional installation offers you peace of mind to focus on other important things.



A regular maintenance of an air-conditioning system involves a thorough cleaning of the system, replacing filters, and checking for any signs of wear and tear.

In addition to offering emergency repair services for unexpected breakdowns, we also offer a customized annual preventive maintenance plan for a complete peace of mind when it comes to scheduling service appointments and regular replacement of consumable parts.

Regular service and maintenance not only ensure the system is working efficiently, but also helps to prolong the system’s lifespan, saving homeowners money on costly replacements. Additionally, a well-maintained system can lead to improved indoor air quality, resulting in a healthier living environment for the homeowner and their family.



Our boutique showroom is designed to provide a physical space for our customers to see and experience the different types of air conditioning systems available. It is a platform to demonstrate the latest products we have and for customers to interact with our experts and ask questions.

Our customers can also learn the benefits and features of different air conditioning systems, as well as gain knowledge on selecting the most suitable air-conditioning system that is specifically designed for their comfort.


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